The Honor Magic Vs is Stepping Up to Fight the Galaxy Z Fold 4

Furqan Shahid
The Honor Magic Vs is Stepping Up to Fight the Galaxy Z Fold 4

If you look for the best foldable smartphone right now, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the only way to go. If you want something affordable, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 should be your preferred choice. If you want something from Apple, then this prototype is all you can get your hands on. The foldable smartphone market is just 1% of the entire smartphone market, which means it is ripe for the taking and the Honor Magic Vs aims to do just that, but will it be able to make a dent?

The Honor Magic Vs Builds Upon the Foundations of the Original with Upgraded Internals, Hopefully with Better Durablity

No, no, this is not the Honor Magic V. It surely shares the name but this is a different phone altogether, taking a lot of design queues from its biggest challenger that is the Z Fold 4 from Samsung.

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Sadly, aside from the teaser that we have, there is very little known about the phone but considering how it is coming out later this year, we can expect the Honor Magic Vs to come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This is just in time because the Snapdragon Summit is just a few days away, and we do know that the new chipset will be making waves at that event.

Considering how it is foldable and from Honor, the Honor Magic Vs is going to play it safe as far as the design is concerned. Sure, it is foldable... big deal, but for the most part, it will only be using parts that are durable and tried and tested rather than experimenting with a bunch of different things to see which one works and which one doesn't. This behavior does not suit Honor, a company that is picking itself up after it left Huawei.

As mentioned before, very little is known about the Honor Magic Vs, and we can only hope that there are some upgrades under the hood. 23rd November is the date, so you can go ahead and mark your calenders and start the speculations about what the phone is going to feature.

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