The Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Have 45W Charging Support Thanks to This New Charger

Furqan Shahid
The Galaxy S22 Ultra will Have 45W Charging Support Thanks to This New Charger

Samsung is set to debut the Galaxy S22 Ultra next month and so far we have heard a lot about the device minus a word on the charging speeds. Now, the latest tip tells us what the charging speed for the phone is going to be.

Samsung Finally Upgrades the Charging Speeds of Galaxy S22 Ultra

Renowned tipster Roland Quandt has shared a picture of Samsung's upcoming fast charger and the charger supports support 45W fast charging. According to Quandt, the charger bearing the model number EP-T4510 is for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and by the looks of it, we might have to buy the charger separately.

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You can have a look at the charger below.

From the looks of it, the charger does not look a lot more different than the 25W charger that ships with the Galaxy S20 series and is also currently available for other phones. With the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung decided to move away from chargers altogether and started offering them as a separate purchase.

Looking at the latest leak, it is safe to say that Samsung is set on their decision to not offer chargers in the box much like Apple. Although, at this point, I really don't think it makes that big of a difference.

In a world where companies are introducing fast charging speeds that are going up to 120W, it is very clear that Samsung wants to play it safe and does not want to introduce higher charging speeds. It is a smart decision rather than a lack of innovation since having more powerful chargers is only going to have a negative impact on the battery and that is not what we are going to look for.

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