The Galaxy S22 Ultra Becomes the Best-Selling Samsung Phone

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Becomes the Best-Selling Samsung Phone

The Galaxy S22 Ultra became the most popular Android smartphone in April; the flagship was followed by Samsung's cheaper Galaxy A13, and funnily enough, both devices performed really well when it comes to the global market share.

For those wondering, the Galaxy S22 Ultra had a market share of 1.5% in April, whereas Samsung's second-most popular phone was the Galaxy A13 as it covered 1.4% of the market. The low-end Galaxy A03 COre was also able to capture 1.4% of the market.

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra Happens to be the Most Popular Android Smartphone But Apple Still Takes the Lead

The fourth and the last Samsung phone in teh top-ten list was the Galaxy A53 5G, which managed to get a global market share of 1.3%. It was followed by Redmi Note 11 LTE, which managed to hold a similar size of smartphone market share.

Despite the apprent success of the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, it is safe to say that the phone is far from the most popular smartphone available in the market, at the moment. Why? Well, Apple leads the case.

The pen-touting flagship surely was the most popular Android smartphone in April but when you look at the other ecosystems, Apple took the lead with four iPhone models.

The iPhone 13 had the largest global market share of 5.5%, followed by iPhone 13 Pro Max with 3.4% share, then iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 had 1.8% and 1.6% share respectively.

You can look at the chart above and see that no other Galaxy S22 variant made the list. According to analysts, the Galaxy S22 Ultra managed to enjoy this popularity mainly because of how this is a device of choice for all the Galaxy Note users, a series that no longer exists, and the S22 Ultra happens to the only true successor to the Galaxy Note series with built-in S Pen as well as Edge display.

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