The Galaxy Note Brand is Officially Dead


August 2022 will mark the second year without a Galaxy Note; however, Samsung slowly started indicating that the Note series was dead for good. The first hint came when the company released the Galaxy S21 Ultra with S Pen support. Then the Galaxy Z Fold 3 came out with the same support and with the Galaxy S22 Ultra housing the S Pen, it was all but confirmed that Samsung has decided to ditch the Galaxy Note lineup.

Samsung Bids Farewell to the Galaxy Note Series -- Long Live the King

Well, now we have an official confirmation that the Note series is officially dead, and the Galaxy S Ultra will now be serving as the future "Note" devices.

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While talking to the reporters at MWC 2022, the head of Samsung Electronics  Mobile Experience TM Roh has announced that the Note series will now come out as Galaxy S Ultra from now on. This means that Samsung is not planning on releasing another Note and the S Ultra will be the device to carry the legacy forward.

Although this might sound like distressing news to a lot of people, it honestly does not come as a surprise to us. The Galaxy Note 20 series was amazing but failed to perform as adequately as Samsung would have hoped. Plus, with Samsung already having so many lineups, the existence of Galaxy Note would have made things more confusing and difficult for not just the company but Samsung itself as well.

Do you think Samsung's decision to finally kill the Note series is a wise decision or should the company have tried to make the series relevant once again? Let us know what you think about Samsung's decision.