The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion New AI-Enhanced Texture Pack Brings Big Improvements

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

Many older games have started received AI enhanced texture packs which vastly improve the original textures. The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion already received one in the past few weeks, but another one has been released recently, introducing even bigger improvements.

The latest The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion texture pack improves the original textures by 4x times. All of the architecture, characters, armor, weapons, dungeons and more have received improvements.

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4x on ALL textures. Also include 2x version. Used default ESRGAN model on denoised images. Tried to preserve detail while removing artifact damage. Should look like vanilla, but less 2006.

4x: arch, dungeon, lndect, obl
4x or 2x: armor, characters, clothes, creatures
2x: clutter, weapons

2x and 2k are NOT the same thing, nor is 4x and 4k.
x = factor being scaled, in this case the image.
k = 1028

Oblivion has many textures in many different sizes. Majority are 512x512. Range is 1-1k.
The 2x textures are mostly 1k in resolution. Range is from 2-2k.
The 4x textures are mostly 2k in resolution. Range is from 4-4k.

You can check out this new The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion texture pack by heading over to Nexus Mods.

While Oblivion is getting enhanced with mods, there are some dedicated fans who are trying to do something even bigger with the Skyblivion project, which aims to recreate the fourth entry in the series in Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion is now available on PC as well as on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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