The Division’s XP Per Level Seems To Be Increased In The Final Game


We're now less than a month away from The Division's March 8 release and more information seems to trickle on a daily basis.

Eagle eyed Reddit user J04DAN noticed a disparity in terms of XP requirements to level up between the closed beta and the most recent version of the game, showcased recently in an IGN's First video.

You can see this clearly in the following screenshots. While in the beta reaching level 5 required 10500 XP, in this new build it requires 14250 XP, which is roughly a 40% increase.

This is not at all uncommon, by the way. Developers often decrease the amount of XP during the beta events in order to allow gamers to level up quickly and try new abilities before the events themselves are finished.

There's a lot of rumors regarding the possibility of Raids being available in The Division's final version. A few days ago we reported about some UI options in the beta hinting to a multi-group system, but recently a developer actually went pretty close to confirming this during an official podcast. While answering a question about the lack of player trading, he explained:

It would allow, for instance, me to power run through a high level raid thing and then get content for you and you could be max level without really doing anything...

There have also been unconfirmed rumors that the first raid will be set on Rikers Island, the main prison complex in New York City, and that it will be available for max level (30) characters a couple of weeks after launch so that enough players would get the chance to complete the earlier missions.

If you're already itching to plan your character, there's an unofficial skill calculator now available at this address. Stay tuned and we'll be covering any and all news about The Division ahead of its launch.