New Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer Leaked Online Showcasing Game Mechanics and Story Moments


[Update] Ubisoft has now officially published an English version of the trailer, which you can find embedded below.

[Original Story] It has been more than a year since Tom Clancy’s The Division skimmed over its first release date, but now – two months from its final release – the upcoming end-of-the-world shooter finally looks ready to hit the shelves without running across another delay. The game offers deep, engaging gameplay, and this new Italian-language trailer that was leaked online just recently gives a close look at in-game mid-crisis New York city open world and the gunfights.

Leaked Tom Clancy's The Division Trailer Provides a Good Look at Gameplay and Story Moments

Tom Clancy’s The Division is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games coming out this year. So anticipated that it seems like leaked content from the game won’t stop coming until it is actually released. A brand new video showcasing gameplay footage from the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter emerged online recently via GameStop Italia recently. Of course, Ubisoft was quick enough to take down the trailer, but not before a third party managed to make a mirror and release it worldwide.

The three and a half minute long video shows new in-game environments and game mechanics. Players will be able to play the game individually or with friends, customize their weapons during combat with an array of different attachments and scopes, and build and protect their safe houses. The trailer also showcases new areas including abandoned New York subway stations along with the game’s snowy streets. The Division’s “safe zones” have been specifically highlighted as areas where players can find shopkeepers for new stock, take quests from NPCs and team up with friends before heading back out into the dark areas. You can check out the leaked footage here.

This new trailer comes shortly after the game’s private alpha that was available exclusively on Xbox One last month. Ubisoft announced last year in June that the game will playable before its release in beta testing phase that will be open to all on PC and PlayStation 4. Although there is no word from the publisher, a rumor on Reddit suggests the beta may begin January 29. Those who are interested in playing beta version of The Division can secure their access by pre-ordering the game.

The Division is all set for release on March 8, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.