The Division Has Lots of High Level & Challenging Content Outside The Dark Zone


The Division PCInformation on The Division just keeps dropping from multiple sources. GamerTag Radio recorded a pretty long podcast with Ubisoft Massive's Creative Director Magnus Jansen and we highlighted an interesting part regarding end game content.

Ubisoft pushed the Dark Zone (the PvP zone) a lot in earlier The Division promotional videos, so much that doubts regarding the quantity of high level PvE content seeped through the community. Jansen addressed this topic with the following statement:

There's absolutely going to be enough content outside of the Dark Zone. You don't have to play the Dark Zone even though of course, I think you should. There's definitely a lot of content, a lot of challenging content and a lot of end game content that is not in the Dark Zone.

Now, the interesting part is that Ubisoft did not officially confirm PvE Raids for The Division yet. However, Jansen dropped some hints in this direction:

Some people blow through the content very quickly. We're not ready quite yet to communicate what we're doing and what people will be sinking their teeth into once they're done with the main game, but we know very well what needs to be done and that we need to be able to provide the fastest and most accomplished gamers with stuff to do. They're going to reach the max level and then they're going to want challenges, they're going to want something that's hard and something they can aspire to, something that can put their character and player skills to the test. We're definitely going to be communicating very close to release what we're doing, what our plans are and when they can expect to be seen.

Hopefully, what we have at release is going to last people for some time and then we are ready with the updates very shortly after release.

Recently, we've learned that The Division beta will take place from January 28(Xbox One)-29(PC & PS4) to January 31. The graphics settings for the PC version were also leaked, while reports from folks who played the Xbox One version are not very reassuring on frame rate and resolution for this version.