The Division Looks Far Better On PC; XB1 Version Is Sub-1080P With Drops Below 30FPS [REPORT]


Yesterday, a lot of new information for The Division appeared as the embargo for a Ubisoft hands-on event expired.

Popular YouTubers Angry Joe and Jackfrags shared some information regarding the PC and Xbox One versions of the game, for instance. Angry Joe posted a video with almost an hour of new gameplay, while at the very end he explained that The Division looks much better on PC.

I was not blown away by the graphics. I thought the graphics was probably better at E3, so I don't know if there has been a downgrade; of course, this was on the Xbox One. Correction: the graphics did look good in the computer room.

They're actually doing a lot for the PC version and they listed out, like, all these different enhancements that the PC has so it's not simply a port. The PC version hopefully is gonna be good and it looks far better than the console.

Jackfrags pretty much confirmed this in his own video, while adding more details around the Xbox One (PlayStation 4 wasn't available to play at the event) and confirming that he will play the PC version at launch.

The Xbox One version looks good, no doubt, some really nice weather effects. It's definitely not native 1080P though and it only runs at 30FPS. There were moments in combat where there were a lot of players on screen and explosions, I could definitely feel the FPS dropping below 30 and chugging a little bit. I did try the PC version and will comment on that soon, but I'm definitely gonna be playing the game on PC when it launches.

Some gamers have been disappointed with the graphics showcased in the Alpha leaked screenshots and videos, but that test was conducted on Xbox One. As expected, it seems like Ubisoft Massive (a developer with a strong PC heritage) is taking particular care of the PC version and on high-end configurations the game may end up looking very close to the stunning original reveal.

As we reported earlier this week, The Division beta will take place on January 28 for Xbox One users and the day after for PC & PlayStation 4; the test will end for all platforms on January 31.