The Division 2 Designer Would “Love” A Single-Player Spin-Off Game

The Division 2

The Division 2, much like its predecessor, is a multiplayer-focused game that features an interesting world that is never truly expanded during the course of the game. The development team, however, would be keen on doing so with a single-player spin-off game.

A few days ago, The Division 2 designer Tim Spencer talked about an idea for a spin-off game that would star an agent trying to get back to his family after having been sent to New York during the SHD blackout.

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I love the idea of a single player narrative driven spin off of @TheDivisionGame. Focusing on an agent trying to get home to their family after being sent to NYC, during the SHD blackout from the fall of DC. TLOU x Division. @jgerighty

Creative Director Julian Gerighty retweeted Tim Spencer's idea, asking players for thoughts. Responses are quite positive, so far.

The Division 2 will be getting the DC Outskirts: Expeditions expansion later this month. It will add new missions, Expeditions and much more.

Two New Main Missions

  • Camp White Oak: Division Agents stage a well-planned attack into the presidential compound, as they seek to bring the now-traitor President Andrew Ellis to justice.
  • Manning National Zoo: Emeline Shaw, leader of the Outcasts, fled after her defeat in D.C. and is now held up at the Zoo regaining strength. Agents are on the hunt to eliminate Shaw, nipping the Outcasts’ reawakening in the bud.

New experience: Expeditions

In this new experience, players enter Kenly College, where contact has been lost with a military convoy full of vital supplies. When they receive what appears to be a final broadcast, they form an expedition to find any surviving members in need of rescue. Expeditions will be split in three different wings for players to complete. Each wing will have a specific theme and tone, to be released on a week-by-week basis. Completing all three wings grants access to an exclusive treasure room full of rewards.

The Division 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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