The App Store is Launching in 20 New Countries This Year – Here’s the List

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Apple has announced that the App Store is launching in 20 new countries this year. The company shared the news on its developer website and the purpose of the announcement is also shared by the company which we will talk about later on. The expansion means that apps will appear in the new regions on the App Store.

App Store Expanding to 20 new Countries This Year, Apple Asks Developers to Prepare Their Apps

As mentioned earlier, Apple is launching the App Store in 20 new countries and the list is now available. The company wants the developers to know about the change so they can prepare and make changes for their apps to appear in the new regions. Below is the list of 20 new countries in which the iPhone-maker will be launching the App Store this year. here's what the company has to say:

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Today, the App Store gives you the opportunity to connect with users in 155 countries or regions. We’re pleased to announce that the App Store will expand even farther this year with upcoming support for 20 new countries, allowing you to increase your impact and grow your business in new markets.

While the announcement was oriented towards developers, Apple wants the developers to prepare their apps before April 10. there are a series of steps that developers must fulfill in order to make sure that their app is “ready to be published as content initially becomes available across new locations.”

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To allow your app to appear in these new countries, your membership Account Holder first needs to accept the updated Program License Agreement by signing in to their account on the Apple Developer website. If you have a Paid Applications Agreement, the Account Holder will also need to accept this updated agreement in App Store Connect. You can then select the “New Countries or Regions” checkbox in the Pricing and Availability section of your app information page to automatically make your app available in all new countries.

If you're up for it, you can learn more about Apple's announcement from the company's developer website. Check out the list of countries below.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Gabon
  3. Cote d’Ivoire
  4. Georgia
  5. Maldives
  6. Serbia  
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Cameroon
  9. Iraq
  10. Kosovo
  11. Libya
  12. Montenegro
  13. Morocco
  14. Mozambique
  15. Myanmar
  16. Nauru
  17. Rwanda
  18. Tonga
  19. Zambia
  20. Vanuatu   

It's great to see Apple expanding the App Store to new regions. This will make apps available that are restricted to certain regions. It will not only benefit the developers but also users who do not currently have the app available. Apple has released iOS 13.4/iPadOS 13.4 to the public, do check out what's new in there.

Is your country listed above? Let us know in the comments.

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