Tesla Announces New Updates To End Range Anxiety

Ahmed Bilal

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted late last week that he will be announcing a range anxiety ending firmware update for the Tesla Model S. Yesterday he announced the release of the latest over the air update, the update has two salient features which will probably end range anxiety of Tesla owners.


The Model S now has new features owing to the latest update

 CEO promises new and improved features very soon

The two striking features of the update include a range assurance app which is a good addition to the Model S; this app will tell you where the most convenient charging stations are located through Tesla’s navigation system and will alarm you in case you drive out of the range of a charging station. This will to some extent lower the range anxiety of drivers as they will be informed beforehand that when exactly their battery will run out and how far they are from a said charging station. The second feature is a trip planner that gives you directions for your destinations, along with this it also plans pit stops and guides you on how much time should be spent on one stop to get the maximum range out of your car. Tesla has been for the past year building its Supercharger network around such stops that will help drivers in areas where the supercharger is available, but the network is still limited to a few areas.

These updates are set to roll out in the next few days or so, the release is dependent on positive results from the current beta testing of the firmware update. Mr. Musk also mentioned some more new features in the making that will be introduced this summer. He exclaimed that in version 7 there will be a user interface overhaul because it will be much needed in the future as it will be essential for interaction with the car. The show stealer will be the auto-steering feature which the company is working on, and Musk claimed that in the next version of the update you’ll be able to summon the car, as was demonstrated last year.

These updates are a good step into making Tesla cars more user friendly and they might just take the company a long way, well done once again Mr. Musk. As for the question of whether they do end the range anxiety of Tesla users is up to them to decide.

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