Tencent’s TiMi Studio to Partner with Xbox Game Studios on a New Game Experience


This morning, Tencent's TiMi Studio announced a strategic partnership with Xbox Game Studios to create new game experiences. No concrete details were given, though we're promised more details will be shared publicly within 2021.

Today, Tencent Tianmei Studio Group announced that it has formally formed an in-depth strategic partnership with Xbox Game Studios. The two parties will combine their respective experiences and advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation.

Xbox Game Studios is a global leader in the gaming industry, dedicated to delivering premium games for every gamer on console, PC and mobile device platforms. The studio is also responsible for developing and publishing a series of the largest game series in history.

TiMi Studio Group is the high-quality game research and development team of Tencent Games, and has always been committed to bringing players a better gaming experience. Through this strategic cooperation, TiMi Studio Group will carry out multi-dimensional and in-depth cooperation and communication with Xbox Game Studios, jointly create excellent game content and bring brand-new game sensory experience to players.

The specific cooperation between Tencent TiMi Studio Group and Xbox Game Studios will be officially met with the general public within this year, so stay tuned!

The studio was founded in Shenzhen back in 2008, though nowadays it also has offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, and Los Angeles. It is responsible for many global hit mobile games, from Honor of Kings to Arena of Valor and most recently Call of Duty Mobile. TiMi is now working on Pokémon UNITE, which will be released on Nintendo Switch in addition to Android and iOS.

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The most likely outcome of this strategic partnership is a mobile game project based on one of Xbox's biggest IPs, like Gears and Halo. So far, Microsoft hasn't dipped a whole lot into the mobile gaming market, and it seemed like it would focus strictly on trying to catch a portion of mobile users through XCloud streaming.

A partnership with Tencent's top mobile studio, on the other hand, indicates Microsoft could be ready to create native mobile games based on its Xbox franchises.