Telegram Introduces No-SIM Signup, Auto-Delete, Topics 2.0 and a Lot More in a New Update

Furqan Shahid
Telegram Introduces No-SIM Signup, Auto-Delete, Topics 2.0 and a Lot More in a New Update

When you are looking at some of the best instant messaging apps, Telegram is one that normally pops up, and for all the right reasons. Sure, WhatsApp is also in the same league, but Telegram is usually the first to introduce a heap of new features and innovations that later trickle down to other similar apps. Today, the platform has announced a brand new update with a set of features that will surely attract a lot of users.

Telegram Has Just Become a Lot More Intuitive Thanks to a Host of New Features

The first feature that Telegram has introduced is the ability to sign up and start using an app without having a SIM. How does that work? Telegram is using block-chain powered anonymous phone numbers that you can find on the Fragment platform and use those numbers to sign up. A pretty neat feature for those looking for added security.

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  • Aggressive Anti-Spam: Algorithm-powered spam filter.
  • Temporary QR Codes: Lets users generate temporary QR codes for quick conversations without uncovering your phone number.
  • Emoji Search on iOS: iOS users can finally search their favorite emojis using keywords.
  • Redesigned Used Storage Page: On Android, Telegram has revamped the Used Storage page that gives the user a better idea about how much storage a chat is using.
  • New Custom and Interactive Emojis: On supported devices, users can access new custom and interactive emojis with ease.

All these features are going to make the app more intuitive for those who are looking forward to using the service. You can learn about all the new changes in detail by going here.

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