Telegram Ends Support for Wear OS, Marking the End of Support on Present and Future Wear OS Watches

Telegram Ends Support for Wear OS, Marking the End of Support on Present and Future Wear OS Watches
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Telegram version 8.0 was released earlier this week, and it brought a handful of new features and lifted the 1,000 viewer cap on live streaming as well. However, with the latest update, the app has finally ended support for Wear OS. This means that the latest Galaxy Watch 4 series, the older Wear OS watches, and the future Wear OS watches will no longer have Telegram app support.

9to5Google first spotted this, but ever since that, many people have started noticing this too. If you head over to the Play Store on your Wear OS watch, you will not see Telegram listed there. The company also clarified that the app "may stop working soon" for those who still have the app installed on their watches.

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Telegram Becomes One of the First Apps to Abandon Wear OS Platform as Well as Galaxy Watch 4 Series

It should not come as a surprise that the latest update will not just affect the current lineup of smartwatches running Wear OS 3 but all the smartwatches that have been running some version of Wear OS, to begin with.

There could be many reasons for Telegram to pull the plug; one of the biggest reasons is that before Wear OS 3, Google did not really pay attention to their own smartwatch platform. I can go as far as saying that if it were not for Samsung, Google could have just retired the Wear OS platform altogether.

Whatever the case might be, Telegram is not available for your Galaxy Watch 4 or any future smartwatch that will be running Wear OS. However, I can attest that Wear OS 3 is a step in the right direction for not just Google but other OEMs too, and while this might not be a big enough reason for Telegram to change their mind, we can only hope that other apps are going to stay on the latest platform.

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