Technicolor Ascribes Xbox Blu-ray Discs Shipping Decline To Anticipation for Xbox One X Launch


Technicolor, the world's largest manufacturer of Blu-ray and DVD products, believes the shipping decline of Xbox One Blu-Ray discs might be related to the upcoming release of Microsoft’s enhanced Xbox One console, the Xbox One X.

That’s what manufacturer’s CEO, Frederic Rose, said during the company’s most recent financial earnings call. Technicolor provides complete manufacturing services for Microsoft’s Xbox One console, and the console’s lack of new shipped titles for the first half of 2017 apparently hit Technicolor’s revenue. According to Rose, the lower Xbox One Blu-Ray shipments might due to the fact that consumers are waiting for the release of the 6 teraflops Xbox One X this November before purchasing more titles. However, Technicolor’s CEO believes hat the game market will pick up in the second half of this year.

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“However also in the first half of the year, we were impacted by the limited number of games titles that were shipped”, Rose said. “And you will remember that in games, we ship Blu-ray discs for the Xbox and there have been very few introductions of games in the first half - new games in the first half of the year for the Xbox.”

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“Looking at public numbers, there is about a 50% decline year-over-year. We believe that this is, in many respects, due to anticipation for the new Xbox that is going to be launched by year-end and we expect the games market to resume in the second half of the year.”

Microsoft’s “most powerful console” in the world is scheduled for a release on November 7 for $499 USD – a price point that some claim to be too steep for the general public.

Do you agree with Technicolor’s CEO on this matter? Are you waiting for the release of the Xbox One X before purchasing more Xbox games? Hit the comments down below.