TEAMGROUP ventures forth with DDR5 ECC DIMM & R-DIMM industrial server memory, up to 6400 Mbps speeds & 128 GB capacities

TEAMGROUP, one of the leading global memory providers, continues its hold on the expansion of industrial control with the release of the next-gen DDR5 options for this section of the product market. TEAMGROUP launches DDR5 ECC DIMM and DDR5 R-DIMM Industrial Server Memory modules to assist with the workloads created with the rise of AI and HPC data applications.

With a steady rise in AI and HPC data applications, TEAMGROUP addresses the need for next-gen industrial memory for extremely high capacity and performance

TEAMGROUP's newest DDR5 industrial server memory modules access speeds of 6,400MT/s and a memory capacity of as high as 128GB. The new memory operates at 1.1V, offering an amazing minimum overall power consumption. The company created an industrial memory solution to promote power supply and channel architecture. The new power supply architecture allows for power management to be shifted from the motherboard directly to the DIMM modules, increasing signal integrity and limiting interference. The next-gen channel architecture has been updated to offer two independent sub-channels for each DIMM to offer superior memory access efficiency improvements while meeting the increasing demands of applications for smart platforms.

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TEAMGROUP also recognizes the need for assisting with extremely sensitive applications for such devices involving medical equipment, bank database services, aircraft control systems, and large data servers. To combat this ever-evolving need, TEAMGROUP is introducing the Row Hammer Protection Technology, adding Decision Feedback Equalization (DFE) support to improve the security of next-gen DDR5 memory modules. Resistors have been removed and replaced with DFE support for the new PCB design, limiting any abnormalities in relation to what the resistors battled with, such as resistor value errors, damage, sulphuration, as well as other phenomena that would eventually result in issues with quality. This advancement with TEAMGROUP's memory modules allows industrial storage offerings to continually be upgraded while still providing ultimate protection for server systems.

TEAMGROUP's new industrial DDR5 product line, which also includes U-DIMM, SO-DIMM, and WT-DIMM modules, has already entered complete production after samples were sent to Network and Communication, industrial PC, and high-performance notebook industries in the third quarter of 2021. The next step for TEAMGROUP is compatibility testing for their server memory series, which has an expected start date during the first quarter of 2022. The company continues to promote value and diversity with its industrial products by offering several options, showcasing a high level of reliability and stability.

As the environment of technology evolves, the company will release greater and more innovative industrial storage solutions.

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