TeamGroup Advertises Its T-Create Expert PCIe SSDs As A Powerful Tool For Mining Chia Coin Cryptocurrency, Backed By a 12-Year Warranty


In a recent press release, TeamGroup has stated that its T-Create Expert PCIe SSDs are perfect for mining Chia Coin cryptocurrency. The T-Create Expert SSDs are based on the PCIe Gen 3 standard and like several other SSD manufacturers, TeamGroup has also decided to market its high-capacity products for Chia Coin mining.

TeamGroup Says Its T-Create Expert SSDs Are Perfect For Chia Coin Cryptocurrency Mining & Feature 12-Year Warranty

Chia Coin has gained massive popularity with the total network capacity nearing 2 Exabytes in a matter of weeks. This has resulted in a massive increase in sales of high-capacity storage devices and manufacturers are witnessing insane profits but at the same time, a global shortage of SSD and HDD products is expected.

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TeamGroup T-Create Expert PCIe Gen 3 Chia Coin Cryptocurrency Mining SSD Features:
  • Out of this world, immense durability
  • The only SSD that can give the creator peace of mind
  • The industry’s first 12-year ultra long term warranty
  • No more anxiety of waiting for files to be converted
  • Meet the storage needs of creating large contents

Following is what TeamGroup had to say in its presser:

The Most Powerful Tool for the New Chia Coin Crypto Craze; The Incredibly Durable T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has been gaining a great deal of attention, leading to a continuous surge in global mining. Chia Coin, started trading in May, is one of the new types of cryptocurrencies. Its mining method is different from previous cryptocurrencies that use GPUs and ASICs to complete calculations and earn profits. The everlastingly durability EXPERT PCIe SSD, developed by TEAMGROUP’s creator sub-brand T-CREATE, is the best choice for the environmentally-friendly “storage capacity mining” that Chia promotes.

The Chia Coin Network utilizes a consensus algorithm called “Proof of Space and Time.” A Chia farmer’s possible yield is directly proportional to their amount of storage space. If you want to earn higher profits today, you need to have more hard drive space. This approach ensures that no one will design special-purpose hardware (ASIC) for mining it. Storage capacity and power consumption are also relatively unrelated.

Therefore, Chia Coin Network is a new “green” currency system. If you want to join the mining community utilizing this environmentally-friendly model, T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD can help you get the greatest results. It features spectacular TBW values of up 12,000 TB, making it the perfect tool for supporting the intence write-cycle algorithms required for the mining process.

Compared with TEAMGROUP’s MP33 PCIe SSD or QX SSD, the T- CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD has 3 to 10 times higher endurance, the T- CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD has 3 to 10 times higher endurance, eliminating the hassle of constantly replacing SSDs and providing more valuable time to mine cryptocurrency! Starting today, TEAMGROUP is opening pre-orders of the T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD for the mining market. If you want to get in on the mining action, reserve your unbelievably enduring consumer-grade PCIe SSD today.

TeamGroup hasn't announced the prices of its T-Create Expert Series SSDs but they are Gen 3.0 compliant and come in either 1 TB or 2 TB capacities. TeamGroup has listed a 12-year warranty & which's quite unexpected given how other manufacturers have started voiding the warranty if the SSD is used within mining operations such as Chia Coin cryptocurrency.