Tales of Arise Mod Improves the Game’s Overall Graphics Fidelity


A new Tales of Arise mod is now available at Nexus Mods, created by DunArd to improve the overall graphics fidelity of the game. More specifically, the .ini file raises the values of shadows, ambient occlusion, and lighting beyond what can be set via the regular graphics settings.

My goal has been to create a configuration for Engine.ini that respects the vision of the developers, so I have not made drastic changes such as disabling fog, but I have improved the overall quality of the game without having an appreciable impact on the game. performance, with an RTX 3080 at 3840x1600 the impact is 5% more or less.

1. Download Arise-SDK and unzip in the executable folder of ToA.
2. Open Arise-SDK.ini and where it says "StopMaxCSMResolutionOverwrite = false" change it to "StopMaxCSMResolutionOverwrite = true" and save.
3. Download my Engine.ini configuration.
4. Go to desktop and press Win+R, paste "%localappdata%\BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment\Tales of Arise\Config\WindowsNoEditor" in the open tab and press accept button.
5. Extract my Engine.ini config in the window that has been opened and overwrite the file.
6. Enjoy!

This Tales of Arise mod obviously only works on PC, but the game is great on all platforms. Here's what Francesco said in his 9/10 review based on the PlayStation 5 version:

Tales of Arise Has Reached 2 Million Copies Sold, Bandai Namco Confirms

With its engaging story, dark atmosphere, charming characters, and excellent combat, Tales of Arise provides an experience that feels both new and familiar at the same time, making for a game that both long-time fans and newcomers will enjoy. While the excessive linearity and the removal of multiplayer will disappoint some, the pros far outweigh the cons, making Tales of Arise one of the best entries in the series to date.

Another Tales of Arise mod allows PC fans to tweak the game's difficulty as well as the field of view, camera, and speed while exploring.