Tag Heuer’s New Carrera Smartwatch is Finally Here And It Is Expensive

Ahmed Bilal

Tag Heuer’s CEO Jean-Claude Biver had previously announced about a smartwatch in the making and now he told Swiss media regarding the company’s upcoming Android Smartwatch, which will be publically available in the US market for a hefty amount of 1500 dollars. Tag Heuer’s Carrera connected smartwatch will have almost the same features as the Apple Watch does while obviously having a touch of luxury which the Apple one lacks. The CEO said in a statement:

"Our watch will have almost the same functions as an Apple Watch, but I don't want to divulge too much," said Biver.

It might seem a bit overprices but given the brand name it is actually quite moderately priced. The Swiss company will announce its new Carrera connect smartwatch in an exculisve event in New York in short time. Along with that it is also scheduled to be available in Europe in a matter of few days.

tag heuer connected

The smartwatch was built in partnership, rather than in collaboration with Google and Intel where the two companies provided Tag Heuer with internal sensors and other components. Making such a huge deal will be best for all three companies and especially Tag Heuer. The smartwatch battery is going to last for as long as 40 hours which is good compared to other high priced watches. Biver also said that the smartwatch will be more like an analog watch rather than any normal smartwatch when it comes to the user interface and looks. It has got three customizable watch faces and you have a pretty wide choice of customizations using the Google Play Store. The smartwatch will also be able to connect itself to one smartphone wirelessly at any point in time to provide various functions.

 “Anyone who purchases a Tag Heuer Connected watch will have the opportunity to exchange it for a mechanical watch with Swiss movement inside.”

The smartwatch is made up of titanium and will be available to its customers in six unique colored wristbands giving users a more personalized look according to their style. The price range will be somewhere between $1400 to $1500 according to Le Matin reports but other than that no further details have been revealed by the company.

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