Surface Phone Reported To Come With 256GB Internal Storage – Tipped To Be The Ultimate Productivity Phone


Microsoft is ready to target Windows 10 Mobile fanatics again with the release of not one, but three different Surface Phone models. One of the reason why the leak states that the upcoming Surface Phone is going to be productivity hub is because it is going to feature a whopping amount of internal storage, making you feel like a complete baller.

Surface Phone Reported To Come With 256GB Internal Storage – Tipped To Be The Ultimate Productivity Phone

Surface Phone Expected To Feature 256GB Of Internal Storage – Does This Mean That Microsoft Plans On Removing The MicroSD Card Option

Having a boatload of storage in a Surface Phone will definitely give consumers a compelling reason to purchase them, but for the sake of build quality, we have this strong feeling in our gut that the company might omit a MicroSD card option from the equation.

Microsoft intends on reinvigorating its Windows 10 Mobile platform with the release of three different Surface Phone models. However, releasing powerful phones in the future will have absolutely no effect on the consumer if the software giant is unable to fix its mobile OS. Speaking from experience, Windows 10 Mobile suffers from terrible performance issues (out of which some of them have been addressed but numerous ones still remain).


It’s not that phones running Windows 10 Mobile go through an endless period of stuttering; it is actually quite fluid when you get down to using it but when you fire up a multitude of apps, that is when the performance hits start to become evident to the consumer. We sincerely hope that future updates will resolve these performance issues as soon as possible and we are also keeping our fingers crossed at the fact that the app library expands heavily so that companies like GoPro (which has stopped providing support for its official Windows 10 Mobile application) start to give a damn for the platform.


Microsoft believes that the Surface Phone family will help to resolve this. Coming to the idea of Surface Phones, the term ‘Surface’ could be used to describe a product that is used to close the functionality gap of two machines. With the Surface Pro lineup, Microsoft did decrease the functionality gap between slates and notebooks, but there are more than a few loop holes to cover up before we can actually term tablets are the ideal substitutes of laptops.


We do know that each of the three models will be targeting a different audience. One model cater towards enterprises, one for smartphone enthusiasts, and one for the general consumer, and that pretty much targets the covers up Microsoft’s plans. However, as much as these devices are impressive on the hardware and feature side, it’s the software that we are most concerned out.


Since all three unnamed models are expected to be released during 2017, Microsoft still has time to refine Windows 10 Mobile.

What do you guys think Microsoft will end up doing next year? Tell us your thoughts right away.