Microsoft Reported To Release Three Surface Phone Devices In 2017


With Windows 10 Mobile left in a state of a colossal disaster, Microsoft has now been reported to be working on not one, but three Surface Phone devices, and they are scheduled to be arriving next year. What sort of hardware should we be expecting from these Surface Phones?


How Can Microsoft Hope To Revive Its Windows 10 Mobile Platform With The Help Of Surface Phones?

Microsoft’s Surface lineup has been fairly successful in bridging the gap between laptops and tablets. Now, if only the tech giant could work on reducing the pricing of its slates to such an extent that consumers actually believe that they are getting value for their money, then yes, we definitely have a game changer on our hands. However, what hasn’t been a game changer for the company? Windows 10 Mobile.


With an unfinished, buggy software, that has a myriad of performance-based issues, Microsoft has a continent to cover in refining its mobile OS. We will go this far to say that Android performs far better than Windows 10 Mobile. Now, coming to the idea of Surface Phones, the term ‘Surface’ could be used to describe a product that is used to close the functionality gap of two machines. With the Surface Pro lineup, Microsoft did decrease the functionality gap between slates and notebooks, but there are more than a few loop holes to cover up before we can actually term tablets are the ideal substitutes of laptops.


We currently have no clue what hardware will be packing inside these mobile devices, but we do know that each of the three models will be targeting a different audience. One model cater towards enterprises, one for smartphone enthusiasts, and one for the general consumer, and that pretty much targets the covers up Microsoft’s plans. However, as much as these devices are impressive on the hardware and feature side, it’s the software that we are most concerned out.


With a limited library of applications, Microsoft needs a brand new strategy which will compel developers to roll out dedicated apps for its own mobile platform. Strengthening your mobile operating system is far more crucial than working on bringing new devices out into the market. Since all three unnamed models are expected to be released during 2017, Microsoft still has time to refine Windows 10 Mobile.

Is 2017 too late for Microsoft to bring back its mobile platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.