Surface Phone Featuring the Andromeda OS Had a ‘Productivity Mode’ to Help Users Multitask Seamlessly

Surface Phone Andromeda OS had productivity mode

Even though Microsoft has reportedly delayed the much-awaited Surface Phone that is supposed to act like 2-in-1 hybrid device, the hype hasn’t died down yet. Some new information about the Andromeda OS which was presumably going to power the delayed device has surfaced now. The Andromeda OS, which is a version of Windows 10, had a dedicated Productivity Mode.

Productivity Mode Would Be Essential on Devices Codenamed Andromeda Because Such Devices Come Without a Keyboard or a Large Screen

Twitter user WalkingCat who is known for sharing reliable scoops has stumbled upon a reference to a Productivity Mode in the files of the operating system. The leakster often rummages through code snippets to find details about Microsoft products.

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It is hard to say what this Productivity Mode would offer, but the name itself is indicative of the fact that the Andromeda OS has been designed for a device with different modes. The Productivity Mode would apparently make it easier to work on devices that do not have a keyboard or a large enough screen.

WalkingCat has mentioned that the ‘AndromedaProductivityMode’ was present in the SettingsHandler_Display.dll, which was used in a class named Multitask mode. This means that this mode might be a multi-window mode, just like the tablet mode on Windows 10. Multitasking features like snapping are great for using the display more efficiently if you are running several apps at once. There is also a possibility that Microsoft is developing new multitasking features for the Windows Core OS.

Even though we won’t be seeing a foldable Surface Phone/tablet hybrid anytime soon, details like these show that Microsoft was planning to tweak Windows 10 to cater to a new kind of device. Even though the company has never publicly confirmed working on a dual-screen miniature computer, rumour has it that the software giant thinks it needs more time to perfect the device before it can be released to the public.

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News Source: Twitter (WalkingCat)

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