Superfuse is a New Bloody Diablo-like With a Superhero Twist


Enjoy Diablo-style RPGs, but a little tired of the warriors, wizards, and other standard fantasy trappings? Well then, the newly-announced Superfuse may be for you. The game offers everything you’d expect from an action-RPG – bloody hack ‘n’ slash brawling, loot collecting, co-op play – but with a dark superhero twist. You can check out the first teaser trailer for Superfuse, below.

Superfuse PAX East 2022 Hands-On Preview – Diablo With The Boys

Intrigued? Here are Superfuse's key features...

Humanity escaped the dying Earth with technology funded by the corporate elite. We spread across the solar system but, as the centuries passed, the billionaires that saved mankind retained their stranglehold on our lives. While most of us barely clung to life, the wealthy lived in luxury, extending their lives and augmenting themselves with superpowers. They made themselves Gods.

When the putrid beasts and terrifying shambling monsters emerged, we dubbed this new threat "The Corruption". Once again, our self-appointed Gods intervened and, in their image, they created Enforcers. Once-regular people were granted superpowers to fight The Corruption and became the fists of the Corporatocracy. Even now they patrol the solar system at the behest of their creators.

  • Build your play style - Choose from 5 character classes then fuse multiple superpowers to build a unique playstyle using the deep and expansive skill tree system. Reallocate and redesign your powers strategically to counter powerful bosses. The same character can feel wildly different in other hands!
  • Loot makes the world go around - Optimize your perfect hero with powerful weapons, hi-tech armor, and boosters. Slay monsters and villains to collect an endless supply of loot with randomized stats. Make your hero more powerful, trade loot with friends, or sell it to earn credits for the items you crave. There are hundreds of items across the character classes, and even color options so you can slay in style!
  • Play solo or cooperatively - Play the campaign solo offline or build a hero for online 4-player PvE drop-in/out co-op campaign modes. Tackle Superfuse’s challenges solo or together and mix and match your classes to create the perfect team. Rise to the top of the leaderboards to rule the Superfuse universe.
  • Fast-paced, heart-pounding combat - Hideous fleshless beasts, slithering ooze creatures, and superpowered spandex-clad foes await your fury! Battle against hordes, bosses, elites, nests, and more in your fight for the future.
  • Procedurally generated levels - Never fight the same path twice with dungeons that reshape themselves every time you play.
  • Travel across the solar system - Spanning multiple planets, moons, and planetoids, Superfuse's epic quest travels to futuristic cities, corrupted lands, and treacherous dungeons. Discover hidden areas packed with lore and valuable treasures to sell, trade, or increase your power.
  • Fully-voiced, story-driven campaign - Uncover a hidden conspiracy among the echelons of humanity and an alien menace on a dark comic book adventure packed with twists and turns.

Superfuse will hit Steam Early Access later this year, and a full PC release is expected sometime in 2023. What do you think? Ready for some superheroic enemy smashing?