Super Mario Maker 2 Adding New 3D World Style, Multiplayer, That Terrifying Sun, More


When Nintendo first revealed Super Mario Maker 2 earlier this year, it looked like the game was going to be a relatively conservative update to the Wii U game. That would have been fine, as the original was great, but it turns out the game is more ambitious than we might have thought. A Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct just dropped, revealing a ton of fresh features for the game, including the Super Mario 3D World style, co-op and versus multiplayer, more online options, and a huge number of new elements to play with. If you’ve got around 20 minutes to spare, you can check out the full Direct, below.

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Here’s a quick bullet point rundown of all the news stuff Nintendo’s added to Super Mario Maker 2:

Super Mario 3D World style. The levels will still be 2D, but they’ll include a number of exclusive elements lifted from 3D World, including…

  • The ability to play as Cat Mario
  • Transparent pipes
  • Warp box
  • Spike block
  • ! Block
  • Blinking phase blocks
  • Tracking blocks
  • Mushroom trampolines
  • Piranha Creepers
  • Skipsqueaks who time their jumps with Mario
  • Charvaargh lava monsters
  • Pom Pom
  • Banzai Bills that can fly towards the screen
  • Cat Bowzer
  • A Koopa Troopa car, because why not?

Story Mode. Complete 100 Nintendo-designed levels while rebuilding a castle. As the castle expands you’ll even be able to take on sidequests.

Mutliplayer. Play Mario Maker with up to four people online, or locally if you’re playing co-op.  

  • Multiplayer Versus mode which challenges you to get to the goal first. Winning will raise your versus rating.
  • Multiplayer Co-op mode – one person gets to the goal and everybody wins!

Course World. Online course sharing has been improved.

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  • Browse by popular courses, or use tags.
  • Comment on courses
  • New Maker profiles you can dress up with various cosmetics.

And finally, here’s a big unsorted list of other elements being added to the game!

  • Slopes
  • That goddamn Angry Sun
  • Snake Blocks
  • Red and Blue Switch blocks
  • On/Off switches
  • See-saws
  • Swinging Claws
  • Changing water or lava levels
  • Set scroll rates
  • Vertical sub areas
  • Banzai Bill
  • Dry Bones shell
  • 10 Coin
  • New Sound effects
  • Twister enemies
  • Icicles
  • Parachutes
  • Boom Boom
  • Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky themes
  • Day/Night system. Gameplay will change in subtle ways during the night.
  • New music from legendary original Mario composer Koji Kondo!

Phew! I told you they’ve added a lot of stuff! Nintendo also announced the Super Mario Maker 2 + Nintendo Switch Online bundle, that gets you the game and a year’s subscription to the service for $70. Usually a year of Nintendo Switch Online costs $20, so you’re getting a small savings. Nintendo will also be holding a Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational alongside their already announced pre-E3 Splatoon 2 and Smash Bros. tournaments on June 8.

Super Mario Maker 2 launches on June 28. Are you excited to get building?