Get Massive Discounts On The Subscriptions Of Hushed Private Phone Line – Send Texts And Make Calls Without Revealing Your Actual Number


Did you ever come across a situation where you wanted to make a call without revealing your number? If yes, then you are not alone. We can help you with this. Wccftech is offering a discount offer on subscriptions of Hushed Private Phone Line. With this application you can make calls and send texts without revealing your number. The discount offer on these subscriptions is going to expire in a few days, so avail it now.

Hushed Private Phone Line Lifetime Subscription features

The process is really simple. Hushed is a very simple and secure app that will allow you to set up a second number for yourself. You can even choose the area code. You won’t have to invest in long expensive phone contracts if you have this application. TechCrunch has called this application ‘a more lightweight alternative to something like Google Voice’. Here are highlights of what the deals have to offer:

  •  Make calls & send texts from a private phone number without monthly fees
  • Choose from 100's of area codes across the US and Canada
  •  Manage your communication from a single app
  •  Access one lifetime number per account
  •  Customize your voicemail
  •  Set up call forwarding settings
  •  Utilize Wi-Fi or data while you chat so you don't incur service charges

Important Details

  •  Numbers are available for the following countries: United States, Canada
  • License deadline: redeem code within 6 months of purchase
  •  After 12 months, license is renewed automatically
  •  Use at least once every 6 months in order to keep your unlimited number
  •  One/three/five Lifetime numbers per account (depending on subscription) with ability to purchase as many additional numbers as you want
  •  Add more minutes or SMS credits to your account at any time
  •  Length of access: lifetime


  •  Android
  • iPhone
  •  U.S. and Canada based phone numbers available

The offers will expire soon so visit our website and avail this awesome discount.

Original Price Hushed Private Phone Line:
1-line: $150 I 3-lines: $450 I 5-lines: $750
Wccftech Discount Price Hushed Private Phone Line:
1-line: $25 I 3-lines: $65 I 5-lines: $95