Street Fighter V New Video Showcases Interesting Stage Glitch


Not counting the online connectivity issues that have plagued the game in the past few days, Street Fighter V doesn't feature any major bugs or glitches. A few hours ago, however, a rather interesting stage glitch has been discovered by a Street Fighter V player, who also managed to record a video of it.

Street Fighter V

The new Street Fighter V glitch allows players to fight on a stage featuring the stage and character selection background. This glitched space stage looks quite cool, so it wouldn't be surprising for Capcom to eventually introduce something like this sometime in the future. You can check out the glitched stage in action by watching the video right below.

Street Fighter V is currently plagued by a much worse problem that's making online matches less fun than intended: quitters. The game currently has no penalty for those who quit a match, but it seems like Capcom will eventually introduce a feature that will allow players to block others so that they won't be matched with them. Last week, Street Fighter V producer Koichi Sugiyama has also revealed that there are currently no plans to implement a Photo Mode in the game, but the team may change its mind if there's enough demand for it.

In our own Street Fighter V review, we have noted how the game is indeed the series at its best. The game is lacking single player modes, but the actual fighting mechanics are very well done. While Street Fighter V is not as complex as the Street Fighter IV games, there’s still plenty to like for both veterans and newcomers.

Street Fighter V is now available in all regions on PC and PlayStation 4.