Street Fighter V New Mod Introduces Huge Netcode Improvements

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is known to have massive netcode issues that cause one-sided rollback, among many other things, making the online experience frustrating and unenjoyable. These issues may have become a thing of the past, at least for PC players, thanks to a recently released mod.

The mod, created by Altimor, introduces some netcode improvements which make the game run great online for PC players, fixing many of the issues that have been present since launch. The mod, unfortunately, causes massive roll-back to PlayStation 4 players, so it is advised that matchmaking is set to PC only to prevent console players from having a terrible experience.

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SFV has a bug where one player's game can lag behind the other's online. This can cause artificial lag and one sided rollback for the other player.

When the players' "clocks" are synced, if there is e.g. a 4 frame packet round trip time between them, each player should be 2 frames ahead of the time of the last received input from their opponent, and experience 2 frame rollbacks.

If one player lags behind, the other player will receive inputs from farther "in the past" (up to 15 frames!) than they should, causing unnecessarily big rollbacks and artificial lag, while the player that's behind may even be receiving inputs that appear to be "in the future" to their game and never experience rollbacks at all.

This fix ensures your "clock" never gets more than half of your packet round trip time ahead of your opponent's so that you never experience more rollback than them.

This mod took very little time to develop, according to the creator, so it shouldn't have been too difficult for Capcom to fix the same issues four years ago. Sadly, this never happened, leaving many players with a game that does not work as intended, at least in its online multiplayer component.

Street Fighter V is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide. The Champion Edition launches next month worldwide.

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