Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Summer Character Bundle Includes E.Honda, Poison

Francesco De Meo
Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

Three new Street Fighter V Arcade Edition characters will be released later this week on PC and PlayStation 4, Capcom confirmed.

The three new characters are Street Fighter II classic fighter E. Honda, Lucia from the Final Fight series and Poison, who is also from the Final Fight series but already appeared in Ultra Street Fighter IV. All three characters will release on August 4th.

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The three characters will release alongside a new stage for E.Honda and different costumes. While characters can be purchased separately, it will also be possible to purchase them together with the Summer 2019 Character Bundle.

E. Honda, Lucia and Poison join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Available August 4th! Each new character is offered individually starting August 4th and a “Summer 2019 Character Bundle” will be available on August 5th. This bundle includes all three new characters, in addition to each character’s Battle Costume and Default Colors 3-10. Additional costumes are available separately.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition has been released some time after the original game, and it includes some new play modes and a full-fledged arcade mode.

Even if you don’t love some of the ancillary modes, you should find plenty to keep you busy. Each playthrough of Arcade Mode will take up to half-an-hour, and Capcom does a good job of enticing you back. After two years of character updates, Street Fighter V had arguably found its niche. It wasn’t the big mainstream success Capcom had hoped to create, but it had its diehard fans. They could have tossed out a bare-bones Arcade Mode and got away with it, but, to the publisher’s credit, they went the extra mile. This truly feels like the fresh start Street Fighter V has been needing.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 in all regions.

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