Street Fighter 6 Release Date Leaked – June 2nd, 2023

Alessio Palumbo
Street Fighter 6

After the leaked release date of Diablo IV shared by the Microsoft Store, the PlayStation Store clearly wouldn't want to be any less leaky and put up the release date of Street Fighter 6 ahead of the official reveal by CAPCOM. The highly anticipated new installment in the beloved fighting game series will be released on June 2nd, 2023.

The store page listed three Street Fighter 6 editions. The pre-order for the Standard one comes with the following:

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  • Outfit 1 Color 10 for 6 Characters
  • Special titles and stickers

The Deluxe edition adds the Year 1 Character Pass, while the Ultimate Edition adds the Year 1 Ultimate Pass. According to Insider Gaming, the Character Pass includes the following contents:

  • 4 additional characters
  • 4 additional character colors: Outfit 1 Color 3-10
  • Purchase privilege: 4,200 drive tickets

The Ultimate Pass, on the other hand, provides the following benefits:

  • 4 additional characters
  • 4 additional character colors: Outfit 1 Color 3-10
  • 4 additional character costumes: Outfit 2 (including colors 1-10)
  • 4 additional character costumes: Outfit 3 (including colors 1-10)
  • 2 additional stages
  • Purchase privilege: 7,700 drive tickets

Street Fighter 6 fans were certainly hoping for an earlier release date in 2023, but at least they'll soon get the chance to play the game once again, thanks to the second Closed Beta Test due to take place between December 16th and December 19th.

Francesco checked out the game during the first Closed Beta Test and came away wishing for more playtime.

The closed beta gave the feeling of a team that cares deeply about its audience and wants to release the most feature-complete Street Fighter to date.

Back when Street Fighter 6 was revealed, I wasn't completely sold on it, but my two days with the closed beta completely changed my opinion of the game. The colorful, hip-hop-influenced aesthetics look great in motion, although some character animations are still a little rough. Mostly, though, the new gameplay mechanics and the cast's combat design have made my 15 hours or so with the beta a joy and have made the wait for the full game way harder.

As a reminder, Street Fighter 6 will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X with full cross-play between all platforms. Powered by the RE Engine (unlike Street Fighter 6, which ran on Unreal Engine), it also features rollback netcode for optimal online play.

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