Strategy Game Northgard Coming to Early Access on February 22nd


Studio Shiro announced that their Viking strategy and exploration game, Northgard, is coming to Early Access on February 22nd.

Studio Shiro, the makers of the popular Evoland games, are dipping their toes into the strategy pool. Control a small Viking clan on the dangerous and unforgiving shore. You'll build a settlement, gather resources, and face off against dangers of the wilderness.

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Below you can take a look at the Gamescom 2016 footage of Northgard to get a better idea what your adorable Viking clan has in store. There's even a quick battle between a massive dragon and some axe-wielding fighters. Chris really enjoyed the game when he saw it at Gamescom 2016, as you can read in the preview.

Players can enjoy the following features in Early Access this February:

  • Build settlements on the newly discovered hostile continent of Northgard while assigning and commanding Vikings to various jobs (Merchant, Farmer, Warrior,
  • Sailor, Loremaster...)
  • Manage resources carefully to survive the harsh winters and vicious enemies
  • Expand and discover new territory giving unique strategic opportunities
  • Achieve different victory conditions such as Conquest, Fame, Lore, Trading

Shiro Games is going to add more content during the development such as a multiplayer, campaign mode, and two more playable clans. Northgard is being developed on PC and should be launched within two to six months from the start of Early Access on February 22nd.

Studio Shiro commented on the game's Steam page on their plans for Early Access:

Early Access was planned since the beginning for Northgard. We are big fans of strategy games and we know the level of perfection we need to attain with player experience, game flow and game systems. This can only be achieved with thorough testing and iteration. Simply put, we need experienced and passionate strategy players to make Northgard the best it can be! Join us to make Northgard the strategy game of your dreams!