Marine Biologists Have Found A Strange Purple Blob On The Ocean Floor

Ahmed Bilal

Scientists have always been on the quest for finding new lifeforms and every time they do it’s quite exciting. While many of us have been busy catching rare Pokémon on our phones a team of marine biologists have found a new type of weird lifeform. The finding was off the coast of Southern California and it is weird because it is a purple glowing blob.

The purple glowing blob which is a new and cool discovery has created a lot of excitement amongst the researchers. It was discovered by scientists in the Ocean Exploration Trust using the research vessel E/V Nautilus. You can see more in this video.

The team of researchers might have found a totally new species

The remotely operated vessel was used to observe the organism which might be a totally new species. The vessel was actually in the area to study coral when it stumped upon this blob. The marine biologists are speculating what the glowing blob is and some suggestions have comes across which say that it could be a marine invertebrate called a tunicate, or a kind of edd sac that contains an embryo.

"I'm stumped, I have no idea. I can't even hazard a guess," one of the researchers admits to her own amazement.

Another researcher speculates that it might be a kind of an underwater spider’s egg sac to which another team member exclaimed "Let's leave it then… we don't want to mess with spider egg sacs."

Apart from the fact that we might have found a new species the cool thing about this discovery is the fun the team is having, they’ve suggested nicknames such as Blobus Purpilis and are still completely stumped at what the glowing orb is. Just as the team was about to extract the blob using the vessel’s arm, a wandering crab started disturbing them. The crab eventually went away and the team finally managed to get a hold of the glowing blob.

Now the team will study the purple blob and figure out just what the hell is that thing. It could take the biologists several years before they can determine whether this is a totally new species or not, so we’ll just have to wait for now.

You can find out more about the research at the website of the vessel if you’re interested. Along with the you can also check out the live feed to keep yourself updated.


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