Her Story, an Interactive Movie Video Game, Has Sold 100K Already

Her Story surprised the world when it was released at the end of June. It brought back a genre that hasn't really enjoyed many new entries for quite some time. The popularity has also been quite surprising, selling over 100,000 copies thus far, a number that wasn't expected in the slightest.

Her Story sells far more than expected. Could this signal the revival of the interactive movie genre?

Sam Barlow is no stranger to a highly interactive adventure. Having been the writer for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, he's taken his expertise of engaging your senses fully and applied it to to a decidedly lost style of story-telling.

Her Story is a detective story, where you interact with evidence on screen, watching videos and sifting through everything, so that you may unravel the secrets of a murder investigation. The live-acted scenes combined with the undeniably interesting story have had Her Story described as one of this years most uncommon gems.

And now it's sold over 100K copies, a testament to its uniqueness and engaging story. Released on June 24th 2015, Her Story has gathered very positive reviews from users on Steam. It's generally well received by the media and reviewers as well. It can be had on Steam for $5.99. Just be prepared for an experience like none other.

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