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Steam Christmas Holiday 2011 Deals Kick Off, Includes Great Gift Pile and a Chance to Win Every Single Game on Steam


Steam has begun its Holiday 2011 Sale which would last till January 1st, The Sale includes great deals on many gaming titles and complete packs along with a chance to win every single game on Steam. New deals would be available each day so make sure you spend those Christmas savings wisely.

Best part about the deals is that Steam would hold a Great Gift Pile Giveaway everyday. This would allow users to participate and win free games. Sounds just like the Summer giveaway which was held in June 2011 and Potato Sack deal in April 2012 before the arrival of Portal 2.

Current Daily deals include some well known titles such as Portal 2, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Sam and Max: Complete Pack, RIFT, Metro 2033 and Singularity. All available at an discount of 75%. Go here.

Complete Pack Deals here.