Stealth Announced A Water-Proof Fanless Mini PC Called WPC-905

Source: Stealth

Stealth has announced the WPC-905, which features a fanless design and a waterproof design, which is perfect for a variety of different applications. The WPC-905 utilizes a small form factor to feature an Intel Core 8th generation Celeron and Core processors with Onboard RAID configurations and is now shipping with a starting price of $3,195.

The WPC-905 has been announced by Stealth to be Dust-Proof and Waterproof and meets the IP67 environment specifications

The WPC-905 features a small form factor that is completely sealed, stopping any dust, water from damaging the components installed inside the case. The WPC-905 meets both the IP67 and NEMA 6 environment specifications. This sealed small form factor case features a fanless design but has the rugged chassis acting as a heatsink to dissipate internal heat and provide noise-free operation.

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Louis Houde, Business Unit Director of Stealth, stated, "Stealth strives to support the market with high-performance rugged solutions that operate in harsh environments; we continue to develop product offerings with design features that benefit our customers and their requirements."

The WPC-905 offers four different processor options, and the base configuration features an Intel Celeron 4305UE processor, while the highest processor option is an Intel Core i7-8665UE processor. The highest processor option does increase the price by almost $800. The base configuration also features just 8 GB of RAM with a single 256 GB 2.5" SATA SSD, with no OS installed.

While the base configuration only features 8 GB of RAM, buyers can configure the WPC-905 with up to 32 GB of ram and up to two terabyte SATA SSDs. These SSDs can either be as individual drives or be configured in either RAID 1, which mirrors one drive onto the second for redundancy or RAID 0, which spreads out the data among the two disks to provide the largest capacity and the fastest speed. RAID 0 features no parity, meaning if a single drive fails, the whole array will fail.

The WPC-905 is currently shipping and features a price tag of $3,195, which is a large price, but this device does come with a two-year warranty, with the option to upgrade to a three-year warranty. This extended warranty comes at the cost of $646.20.

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