Star Wars: The Old Republic Loses its Creative Director, BioWare Standing by the Game

Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith

BioWare has been through a lot of turmoil in recent years, but through it all, their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic has remained a constant. That said, it seems even SWTOR is in for a shakeup, as BioWare has announced the game’s 16-year creative director Charles Boyd is leaving the studio. BioWare insists they’re still committed to the game’s future, and much of the SWTOR creative team including narrative director Ashley Ruhl, lead writer Caitlin Sullivan Kelly, and gameplay director George Smith remain on board, but still, this is a pretty major loss. Boyd had the following to say about his departure…

“Even after almost sixteen years, I still can’t fully believe how lucky I’ve been to work on Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Star Wars galaxy has always been a huge part of my life since I was a kid, so getting to play a role in SWTOR’s growth from its initial vision to a colossal release and then an incredible live service for over a decade has been an amazing experience. The team’s passion, creativity, and dedication to this game are incredible; I don’t think I can ever fully express how much I’ve admired and appreciated working with them every single day.

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As always, there are some exciting things in the works for the future of SWTOR – storylines and planets and gameplay and characters that I can’t wait to see come to life. I’m really looking forward to experiencing them all right alongside our players. So to the team, to our longtime partners at Lucasfilm, and to all of you: thank you so, so much for this amazing journey. I may be moving on from the project, but the Old Republic will never leave my heart.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic launched its Legacy of the Sith expansion earlier this year. The game’s first big post-Sith update is slated for August, with BioWare teasing the following additions and features…

  • New daily mission arcs for Republic and Imperial players on the planet Manaan
  • A challenging new Operation for 8-player teams
  • Improvements to our Weapons in Outfitter system
  • Key revelations about Darth Malgus and the Sith lord whose relics he has been pursuing.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now on PC.

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