Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass & New Modes Detailed


EA DICE just announced the very first details on the inevitable Star Wars Battlefront season pass, priced at the usual $/€ 50.

The game will be extended with four upcoming DLC packs that, DICE promises, will take players to new locations; we can assume new planets will be featured. Moreover, owners of the Star Wars Battlefront season pass will enjoy two weeks of early access to each of these content additions, not to mention an exclusive "Shoot First" emote.

In the same blog post, a Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition was also revealed, including all the content of the Deluxe Edition and the season pass itself.

Moreover, the developer also officially detailed three new modes: Hero Hunt, Droid Run and Cargo.

Hero Hunt beings with one player starting as either a Hero or Villain character depending on the planet you’re playing on. The other seven players spawn as troopers of the opposing side. Thus, a tense seven-versus-one hunt begins.

Should you deliver the killing blow on the current Hero or Villain you take their place, spurred on by a short, cinematic sequence as you respawn. The hunter now the hunted, your job is to defeat those in pursuit and survive as long as possible in the boots of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, or whichever iconic character is up based on the pre-determined order.

Hero Hunt will be played by up to eight players, while Cargo is going to be a 6vs6 affair inspired by one of the most classic modes in multiplayer games: Capture the Flag. Lead Multiplayer Designer Dennis Brännvall said:

Star Wars Battlefront has many new and unique game modes that fans really haven’t seen before, but some game modes are such classics – and we love to play them so much ourselves – that we simply had to have them in the game. Capture the flag is one of these staples, and in Star Wars Battlefront, Cargo is our take on that mode.

One twist is that you won't need to have your own cargo in the base in order to secure the one you've just taken from your enemies. Matches will start at 5-5 score and go on for 15 minutes; the team with the most amount of cargo at that point will be the winner.

Droid Run is a different beast from both of the previous modes. Once again a 6vs6 affair in terms of player count, it will require teams to control all three GNK droids before the 10 minute long round is up. The twist in this case is that the droids are moving and will have to be caught before the capture process can begin.

Vehicles, heroes and villains won't be joining in this mode. The game releases in just over a month - are you going to buy the Star Wars Battlefront season pass, or the game for that matter, after playing the beta? Tell us your opinions below.