More Star Wars Battlefront Rumors Surface

Jeff Williams

The new Star Wars Battlefront from DICE seems to be coming along just fine in its development, and the rumors are definitely arriving along side of it just as expected since the reveal at E3 2014.

Battlefront 3The latest rumor about Star Wars Battlefront involves its singleplayer campaign and the inclusion of a very enthusiastic DLC push.

The rumor itself centers around how Battlefront will have a large-scale singleplayer campaign that may potentially span the entire Star Wars universe and timeline. Not an easy feat, but one that was relatively included in the previous Star Wars Battlefront releases. The rumor also suggests that the majority of this campaign will be inside the original trilogy storyline. Also, apparently, if the source is correct, we might see small glimpses of what's to come with The Force Awakens as the campaign will end just during when that story is supposed to pick off. Interesting, and perhaps we'll even see a canonical version of the story that happens between Return of the Jedi and the unreleased The Force Awakens.

The other bit of news is that DICE is going to follow a similar path of DLC deployment as they did with Battlefield 4. Within these DLC's should be new characters, maps and of course vehicles to be played. There may even be DLC that centers exclusively around The Force Awakens with specific content relative to that movie.

I don't necessarily disagree with DLC in this manner if the actual game itself is complete and without issues. This could very well be a good way to introduce new concepts and keep it fresh, so long as the base game is done right and that the DLC isn't too expensive. Charging for new content makes sense from a business standpoint, but of course we all don't want to overpay for something that doesn't add too much gameplay value to the game itself.

I personally rather enjoyed the narrative take on combat with the droid army and even as part of the Rebel Alliance as he campaign progressed. Even though it was just outright destruction being thrown towards your enemies, there was a sense of being part of a very significant event that was very alluring. I still play Star Wars Battlefront II, even multiplayer.

The singleplayer details are not at all surprising given the depth of the previous two Star Wars Battlefront installments.

I do remember hearing that DICE wanted to keep the community at large more updated as to the development of this Battlefront installment, so perhaps these leaks are intentional. And hopefully they are accurate. But we'll see, as this is still not even close to release yet.

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