New Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Modes Revealed, More Than Just Facing Down an AT-AT


IGN was able to get a sneak peak at the Star Wars Battlefront Beta, which begins next week, and with that they've made the decision to talk about some of the great features that they've found within.

7 multiplayer modes are available in Star Wars Battlefront. Cargo and Droid Run even has a smuggling tone to it.

It looks like Walker Assault and Drop Zone certainly won't be the only methods of enjoying the beautiful landscapes within Star Wars Battlefront, not that we thought those would be the only categories anyway. But in the beta, four more multiplayer modes will at least be visible on the multiplayer start screen.

Supremacy, Blast, Cargo and Droid Run will all be unavailable to play, though it does point towards an increasing level of variety that EA and DICE are committed to adding to the game. Though there won't be a single player campaign in the final version, or even offline co-op play during the beta, the multiplayer only vibe could be successful if recent multiplayer only games are anything to gauge interest by.

The seven modes available:

  • Drop Zone
  • Walker Assault
  • Supremacy
  • Fighter Squadron
  • Blast
  • Cargo
  • Droid Run

Our impressions during a co-op playthrough during E3 were very positive. The AI seemed to be intelligent but not overly strong, the environments were decidedly Star Wars in nature and it had a different feel than the Battlefield series. Though it shares many characteristics, being a multiplayer only FPS, even if it shares the same game engine, doesn't simply degenerate the idea. At it's basic level, all FPS games are the same. Thankfully, thus far, the Star Wars impression differentiates it greatly from a lot of the rest.