New Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer Focuses on the Story of Commander Iden Versio

Aernout van de Velde
star wars battlefront II

A new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II has been released, which focuses on Iden Versio.

For the Battlefront sequel, EA has tapped into Star Wars lore to bridge the gap between the ‘old’ Episode VI and the recent Episode VII. To fill this gap during Galactic Civil War, EA created Iden Versio – the female commander of Inferno Squad. Check out her story trailer below:

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In addition to this new trailer, the official PlayStation Blog just posted a part of an interview with Steve Blank, a creative executive in LucasFilm’s story group. You can find that part down below:

Star Wars Battlefront II will chronicle the mysterious 30-year gap between Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Episode VII: The Force Awakens. How did that come about?

Steve Blank: We’re constantly talking with EA about the future of Star Wars in gaming, what that looks like and wanting to tell stories in that space… Motive pitched us a story that would span that time, from Return of the Jedi through to the events of The Force Awakens. Their writers, Walt Williams and Mitch Dyer, are really big Star Wars fans. They had done their homework.

In the leadup to The Force Awakens, we had started to develop a series of new stories that were starting to fill in some of that gap in time. These guys had read all of that material: Claudia Grave’s Lost Stars, Chuck Lendig’s Aftermath, Greg Rucka’s Shattered Empire, all these different pieces.

So when they came with their pitch, they had already integrated all those ideas we had started to put out into the world. So when they shared all of this with us, we were immediately on board. It was a fascinating prospect to do this in a game space, to tell these stories more visually. You get great visuals in a comic, but with the novels you don’t get a great visual element. It felt like a space rich to explore in a game.

Another great thing they included was to do it from an Imperial point of view. It hadn’t really been done before, at least not at that fidelity. So they sold us from day one on that idea, and we put our nose to the grindstone — working on all the details of what that would become.

Star Wars Battlefront II is slated for a release on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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