Star Wars Battlefront Community Questions Answered, Y-Wings Non-Flyable

EA has been very responsive to the questions that fans have asked them via their different means of communicating with them. But since not everyone has the time to sift through everything (and there are a lot!) on their twitter channel, they've curated the most popular questions for us.

Top Star Wars Battlefront questions from social media as answered by EA.

A lot of different questions have arisen about a lot of the footage from both officially revealed sources and the videos of alpha gameplay. EA has done a surprisingly good job helping to elucidate on some of the details. The questions below are the top most questions, so they felt they should be properly answered in a more easily found way.


Q. How do vehicles spawn in Walker Assault?
A: In Walker Assault, vehicles are tied to the power up system. When you find a vehicle power up on the map, you will need to activate it, which immediately spawns you inside the vehicle.
Vehicle power ups specifically must be used within a certain amount of time. This is a design decision to allow more equal distribution of the vehicle power ups amongst all players.
Q. Can I fly the Y-wing?
A: Y-wings are non-player controlled vehicles.  They are a support vehicle that you can call into battle within certain game modes.
Q. Is Split-screen available on PC?
A: Split-screen will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.
Q. Does experience within Missions apply to Multiplayer progression?
A: Playing Missions does not grant you multiplayer career experience, but it does provide you with credit rewards you can spend on buying unlocks.

In the coming months EA has also promised us more information about some of the other gameplay modes that will be in Battlefront. Of course you'll be you play a 32-player conquest round vying for the independence of Sullust or even trying to stave off the Empire on Hoth, recreating that iconic battle. But there are so many more game modes that differentiate it from the first two in the series.

Very soon we should learn about Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, Blast, Drop Zone, Cargo and perhaps learn more about the classic Survival mission framework. During my play through at E3 I was able to play through a map on Tatooine that featured the Survival Mission in co-op mode. As with other games, my partner and I took down five waves of Stormtroopers with few respawns, trying to survive whilst completing the required objectives. Overall a fresh and very fun approach to survival warfare.

Star Wars Battlefront is shaping up to either be an incredibly thrilling entry into the series, or will completely disappoint. It seems that the general feeling is either/or, and nowhere in-between. EA has a lot of pressure to do Battlefront right.

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