Star Citizen’s ARK Starmap Revealed, Their Solution to the Galaxy Map, Viewable on the Web


The overall galaxy map that'll be featured in Star Citizen has been revealed today at CitizenCon as well. The ARK Starmap is their solution, and like anything, is not merely a simple interactive chart.

The ARK Starmap is a systematic overview of the galaxy, available to view on the Internet.

The ARK Starmap can be accessed on their website right now and is a web capable complete cartographical system that has ties with the game itself. It could potentially provide us an inside look into the 'verse, it's lore and also enable would be explorers an easily accessible tool to plan community game events from outside of Star Citizen itself.

Like most things in this game, it isn't simply a quick overview of the galaxy at large, but the ARK Starmap instead is a nearly as complete engineered cartographical system as one would expect to see in real life. Great care was taken in ensuring that the material and information is as scientifically accurate as possible and that the design falls within the current understanding of astrophysics that we have. This means that there is a lot to explore, and it might even evolve into a star chart that includes many real-life astronomical objects.

And of course it wouldn't be part of Star Citizen without great sound effects and a soundscape to match the sophisticated engineering underneath.