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Star Citizen January ’16: Star Marine Not Cancelled


Intro to Star Citizen

Star Citizen 101

Now for the aforementioned introduction. What is Star Citizen? To anyone new to the game, it can be somewhat bewildering at first as there are several different aspects to the game and in many ways, it attempts to be all things to all gamers. Please keep in mind that the game is still in Alpha and quite rough around the edges.

  1. Squadron 42, aka Wing Commander updated for the modern age. A single player military space combat game with an in depth storyline comprising both flight and FPS modes and with a cast of Hollywood AAA actors, including Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Andy Serkis, John Rhys Davies, Mark Strong and of course the one and only Mark Hamill!
  2. Star Citizen. The persistent online universe which you’ll be able to continue your adventures in as a trader, mercenary, pirate, good girl/guy, bad guy/girl, explorer, scientist, miner. You name it. Star Citizen will likely offer a career for it.

The tagline that gets thrown around is that it’s a First Person UNIVERSE that allows you to do anything, be anyone and experience the game however you wish.

Star Citizen is a properly physically modelled space game; that includes Newtonian flight mode.

Many people are bewildered by the number of options there are for getting involved in the game, but the fundamental point is that all you NEED to do to get the game is to buy a basic pledge starter pack. This is currently $45, €40.95 or £29.25 plus tax depending on your location. For this, you CURRENTLY get both the single player campaign of Squadron 42 AND a starter ship package for use in the persistent online universe when it launches. Star Citizen is a pay once, play forever (well, as long as the online game lasts) model. Although there are numerous other ways you can put more money into the game, this is the only requirement to play, so you can safely ignore anyone who says you have to spend a fortune in money on spaceships to play the game. Everything which is sold for real money will be obtainable in game upon the full release.

As previously noted, in two weeks Squadron 42 will be separated out from Star Citizen and in all likelihood the price will increase if you want both the single player game and also the Persistent Universe (PU). 

Currently available in Star Citizen are the following:

  1. The Hangar Module. Walk around your hangar in first person and third person modes and look at your ships, get into/out of them and use the holo-table to reconfigure their loadouts and swap parts. Look at various hangar decorations you can buy with in game credits, you can even buy a buggy to drive around your hangar in!
  2. From your hangar, you can take the “magic elevator” to The Social Module. Here you can walk around ArcCorp, a landing zone on a planet with other players in. Your standard actions are all available here, dance, salute, text chat etc. You can also look around a shop or bar and use your Augmented Reality tool to examine stuff you can buy in the shop (actually purchasing it with in game credits is not implemented yet, coming in a future update).
  3. Also from your hangar, you can get into your simpod to access The Arena Commander Module. Arena Commander is a game within the game, if you will. An arena battle game with lots of different modes playable both with/against AI as well as with/against other players in coop or PvP modes. The main game modes available in it are:
    1. A guided tour of how to fly and basic combat maneuvers with an instructor.
    2. Free Flight. Explore two beautiful maps in space without the need to fight.
    3. Vanduul Swarm. Take on the evil alien Vanduul horde. 18 waves of progressively harder AI enemies.
    4. Capture the Core. Capture the flag with spaceships!
    5. Murray Cup Racing. Spaceship racing, no weapons, this is all about handling and manoeuvring.
    6. Battle Royale. Multiplayer deathmatch!
    7. Squadron Battle. Multiplayer team deathmatch!
  4. Finally, also from the “magic elevator” in your hangar, you can access Port Olisar which is the starting point for the “Baby PU”. This is the currently tiny version of the expected final game with missions you can fly, exploring you can do, FPS, EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity, also known as flying around in space in FPS mode), social actions etc. At this stage the game has no persistence.