StandAlone Fast and Furious DLC Cars Are “Exact Replicas” – New Trailers And Screenshots

Forza Horizon 2 is Microsoft's open-world racing game developed for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. It is a sequel to the first release and also the Forza Motorsport series. The game has a standalone DLC for Forza Horizon 2 which is themed for the famous movie series 'Fast and Furious'. Standalone means that the DLC does not require you to specifically buy the game in order to play the DLC. The 'Fast and Furious' game DLC will be temporarily available free until the 10th of April after which it is planned to be priced at $10.

Fast and Furious DLC - Beautiful New Screenshots and 2 New Trailers That Do The Movie Justice

The DLC themed for Fast and Furious 7 franchise although has the cars, in common which as the Furious 7 Picture Car Coordinator Dennis McCarthy mentioned are “exact replicas” of the ones built by him for the movie, but the story of the game has no relation to the one in the movie whatsoever. So you'll probably have to check out the movie aswell when it arrives at a theatre near you on the 3rd of April. However, the game is not completely off the movie where in-game, you are recruited by the supporting movie character Tej Parker who lets you race to unlock 10 of the movie's cars.

You can have a look at these mouth watering screenshots below which you have to appreciate even if you're not a 'Fast and Furious' fan (which I seriously doubt you're not).


Here's your chance to race as one of the Fast and Furious crew as in the trailer below you can see Fast and Furious 7 Picture Car Coordinator Dennis McCarthy telling you that "wow, these cars are just like the real thing" as the one's used in the movie. And considering the relation he has to the cars in the movie, this is your chance to enjoy the powerful Fast and Furious in your own living room. Like Dennis says:

"Now millions can get behind the wheels of Furious 7 vehicles"

Here's your first trailer with Dennis McCarthy.

The second trailer more on the cars then the essence of the game and is labels the Fast and Furious game as:

"The Unstoppable Film Franchise Built on Speed Meets the Highest Rated Racing Franchise of the Past 10 Years"

The trailer shows Fast and Furious 7 cars going head to head with the fastest cars in the world. The 'classic' Fast and Furious muscle is particularly showcased going head to head against a Lamborghini. While Paul Walker's car is also showcased. The trailer shows some very amazing visuals which you can have a peek at below.

The trailer is truly breathtaking and in case you're wondering the background music is 'Now' by Bassnectar Featuring Rye Rye. The DLC is available in stores as of 27 March so you can get your hands on it for free until 10 April. Do share your views with us on the game and the new trailers in the comments section.

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