Stadia’s State Share Feature is Finally Launching, Hitman 3 to be the First Game to Use It

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Google promised a lot of innovative features for Stadia prior to launch, with State Share being one of the most interesting. Basically, State Share allows players to share their setup via a link embedded within a video or image. So, for instance, a streamer who just finished up a fun mission could use Share State to allow viewers to experience that mission with the same loadout, objectives, and difficulty. Even if you don’t have access to the mission or certain gear yet, you can still play the Save State without affecting your overall progression. Hitman 3 will be the first game to utilize Save State -- here's how it's going to work...

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In Hitman 3, as well as in the first two games in the Hitman - World of Assassination trilogy, you’ll be able to use State Share to save a game state within any campaign or custom mission, during the missions themselves or at the mission complete screen. IO Interactive has designed its use of State Share to allow all saved game states to include the following gameplay elements:

  • Mission starting location within the beginning of the level
  • Mission objectives
  • Player loadout (including weapon, gear, and clothing)
  • Mission difficulty

The incredible part of playing Hitman 3 on Stadia is that with State Share, you’ll be able to play with weapons and items that you haven’t unlocked yet. Even if you haven’t unlocked certain weapons or items in Hitman 3, you’ll be able to experience them with State Share at the click of a link, without affecting your own progression in-game.

While I don’t see myself using Share State a ton, as I’m not that into streaming (either watching or doing it myself), but I could see how it will be a useful tool for some. It’s also just nice to see Stadia rolling out those big features they promised pre-launch.

Hitman 3 sneaks onto PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch (via the cloud) on January 20.

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