Square Enix Backs OUYA; Final Fantasy III Coming at Launch

Omar Syed Muhammad

Square Enix has announced that they support OUYA and Final Fantasy III would be available on the Android based console at launch. Square Enix further stated that they will be revealing more content for the console in the future.

Final Fantasy III is a classic retro-style RPG which was originally released in 1990 in Japan. It was remade and released on the DS, then ported onto the Android and iOS smartphones and soon to be released on the PSP, later this year. Now in March 2013, we will be able to play Final Fantasy III on our TVs which would be the launch title for Android based console, OUYA. Final Fantasy III will be fully optimized for OUYA and a demo will be available for download.

OUYA is an Android based console which is being developed by award-winning designer, Yves Behar. OUYA first gained popularity as it was being claimed that the console would be open to hack and would be priced at a mere $99. It is being back up by Kickstarter, where the project started off with a goal of $950,000 and presently the contributions have stacked up to $5.8 million, there are still 8 days to go.

To read more about the console, visit their Kickstarter page.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=387ZSzmZTpo&version=3&hl=en_US]

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