Spotify Launches Greenroom, Its Take on the Famous Clubhouse

Spotify Launches Greenroom, Its Take on the Famous Clubhouse

While Clubhouse managed to get ridiculously popular and is now available on both Android and iOS, it also managed to inspire or influence a lot of other services to launch their own versions of what Clubhouse was doing, and now Spotify has joined the fold and introduced their own Clubhouse-like experience called Greenroom.

However, unlike Clubhouse, Spotify is not bringing something from the ground up; as a matter of act, Spotify acquitted Betty Labs, the famous creators behind the sports-focused Locker Room app, and ever since then, Spotify has worked hard to turn Locker Room into what is now officially known as Greenroom. It is available on both iOS and Android and can be accessed from over 135 markets.

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Spotify Greenroom is a Compelling Take on Clubhouse But Was it Necessary?

Like Clubhouse, Spotify Greenroom offers you a live audio experience, and users will have the ability to host or participate in a live room chat. It is possible to join Greemroom using your existing Spotify credentials. Spotify has also included the ability to record conversations. There are also chat controls that ensure that users can limit the participants when they feel like it.

At the moment, Spotify Greenroom allows you to join a group, search for upcoming rooms, join a room, and create rooms. However, Spotify has promised to continue evolving the format and bringing new features to this platform and more topics for everyone to discuss.

If you are looking for extra incentive to start using the service, the company is also launching a Creator Fund, which will help live audio creators monetize their work. Once you are signed up, payments will be forthcoming based on your life content consumption and how many people turn up in your rooms. So to grow your listener base, and you will see a growth in your income as well.

For more information on the service, you can head over here.

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