Spotify is Increasing Prices in a Number of Countries Including U.S, Europe, and the U.K.


Spotify has decided that they are increasing their prices, and this should not come as news as the company has talked about it in the past. The new price change is going into effect in several countries, and users have started receiving emails regarding the change in the price. The price change is regional, which means that it is not the same across the board.

For starters, in the U.S, Spotify's price hike is going to affect only Family plans. However, things are different in Europe and the U.K as the prices are going to go up for Student, Duo, and Family plans. The price increase is going into effect starting April 30th, later this month.

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Spotify is About to Increase Its Prices, But You Should Not Worry

For those wondering, Spotify's family plan will increase from $14.99 per month to $15.99 in the U.S. Thankfully, the prices for Duo, Premium, and Student plans are going to remain the same in the country for at least now.

Subscribers in the U.K and Europe are not as lucky, however. For starters, the Student plan has seen an increase from £4.99 to £5.99 per month. The Family Spotify plan that up to six people can use will now be priced at £16.99 instead of £14.99. Finally, we have the Duo plan for two people, which is now going to cost you £13.99 a month instead of £12.99.

For the European Spotify prices, you see a similar increase. The Duo and Student plans in Europe are going up by a euro. The Student plan is now going to cost you €5.99, and the Duo is going to run you. €12.99. The Family plan sees a larger increase from €14.99 to €17.99.

Additionally, we are also going to see an increase in Asia as well as South America. Spotify has suggested that the increase in the prices is to reflect the local macroeconomic factors. Spotify is also going to allow all subscribers a one-month grace period before they ultimately increase the prices. This way, the existing subscribers will only notice a price increase during the June billing period.

In all honesty, the increase in prices is not really a big problem. The company is not drastically raising the prices, and it is not even going to be an issue for many users.