Spotify and Philips Hue Announce Partnership That Will Link Your Music to Your Lights

Spotify and Philips Hue Announce Partnership That Will Link Your Music to Your Lights

Spotify and Philips Hue have announced a partnership that will help users have a "unique lighting and music integration that links your Philips Hue to Spotify accounts." This should not really be anything new to the users. We have seen this feature in most lighting control software solutions such as NZXT Hue+, Razer Synapse, Corsair iCUE, but having the integration between Philips Hue and Spotify would make it all the better.

For those wondering, by having this integration, the lighting will react to the music playing through the Spotify app, which could be fun or not. This all depends on how the lighting reacts to the music because I have seen several examples where it simply did not work properly.

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Spotify and Philips Hue Partnership Will Make Your Music Sessions Livelier

Now, for those who are already in the Philips Hue ecosystem, this is certainly good news. However, not so good for people who only have Hue Bluetooth bulbs since Philips has commented that you will need the Hue Hub; this is mainly because of the internet connection being needed.

If you are looking forward to trying this integration out, you can do so by signing up for early access. One more thing is that this feature is only going to work with color-capable lights. So, you might want to be aware of this before you go ahead and start using it, and this also means that you might need new lights to get started with.

Last but not least, Spotify has talked about how you will need one of the Premium accounts for this integration to work. So, even if you have a free, ad-based account, you are good to go. You can sign up for early access by heading over to Philips Hue's website and getting started.

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