Splinter Cell might be coming to the PS3 after all!?

The Splinter Cell series has always been the favorite game of every Playstation 2 and PC owner but fans were disappointed when what looked like perhaps the best looking part of the series was NOT announced for the PS3 but instead only got a XBOX 360 and PC release date; now Ubisoft might be having second thoughts on leaving out the Playstation 3.


Examine the box art of the XBOX 360 cover carefully, it doesn't say "only on XBOX 360" like all it's other exclusives, now your saying "because its directing that to the PC release duh" but maybe Ubisoft has decided to remain loyal to Sony like they have to the PC, ever since the first Splinter Cell and even the last game Double Agent Ubisoft ALWAYS released a splinter cell game on the PS2, so if it can continue making games for the PS2 maybe Ubisoft is planning to surprise Sony fans a bit later then the XBOX 360 fans?.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that Ubisoft does make a PS3 version and announces it soon.

Source XBOX Evolved

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